Clayspray Glow Mask

Clayspray came out pretty recently and therefore it is pretty new product on the market. I had the pleasure to try out little sizes of two...

Clayspray came out pretty recently and therefore it is pretty new product on the market. I had the pleasure to try out little sizes of two products by them.

Some interesting facts for you! Clayspray products are exclusively sourced from a careful selection of clays from sites historically renowned for their therapeutic properties and where the clay has been protected from pollution and contamination for thousands of years. It is from the Irene Mine.
All Clayspray products are pure, natural and free from any preservatives, perfumes and parabens, only touched when applied in order to eliminate any contamination. When traditional clay masks are usually with 15 to 20% of clay maximum, Clayspray has 60-65% of pure clay in it.

Clayspray definitely kicks other companies by its unique packaging. It is so easy mess free and quick to use. I know that a lot of times people don't want to mess with clays as it can get messy, it is not the case with this one.


This is the Glow and it is for glowing, healthy and radiant looking skin. Its red clay promises to add instant boost of radiance to dull skin. Mineral rich formula includes iron to activate circulation, silica to boost collagen and nourishing cocoa which is rich in anti-oxidants helps to rejuvenate skin.

It comes in handy pump bottle that gives just the right amount you want. As its first ingredient is clay, it is quite thick but creamy enough to apply evenly without any effort. It smells and looks like dark chocolate and therefore it is such a pleasure to use. I almost want to eat it because the scent is very real as it contains real cocoa.


This is Hydrate. They recommend spraying your face prior mask with mineral water spray. It makes skin softer and prepares to the mask application so well. It hydrates, improves elasticity and makes skin's texture smoother. Hydrate can also be used on its own like any other facial mist for refreshment and nourishment or after washing off the mask.
Containing real mineral rich mountain spring water it comes in two forms: Hydrate, which is original or Comfort, infused with green tea.

This is me after spraying my face with the mist and applying clay mask. It gets lighter in colour when it dries. Takes about 5-10 minutes it to dry completely and after that it is time to wash it off to reveal a lot more radiant complexion. I liked this mask immediately after first use and the more and more I got to use it I liked it on the whole different level.

It comforted and cleaned my skin when it was irritated and breaking out. It nourished and hydrated my skin when I was a bit dry and had allergies. After using Clayspray Glow I always feel more confident to go out without makeup at it calms down a lot of discoloration and redness. 

Do you know the feeling after using clay mask? A lot of times skin feels very clean, smooth, but at the same time can get tight and uncomfortable. This mask doesn't do that, it supports the skin enough to leave it very comfortable afterwards. Every Clayspray mask is infused with the same water that their face sprays have in, so I bet that is the case I don't have to run amok to grab my moisturiser right after using it.

Besides all that it gives you wonderful mood boost with its chocolate scent!

  1. What an interesting brand! I love that little rock sample they gave, such a keepsake.

    I browsed around their site, a bit overwhelmed that they have so many different type of clays for face, body and hair. Is the one that you got was a 'duo' or you had to buy them separately?

    I'm also in love with the smell of cacao :)

    1. Yes, they are interesting. That stone is such a cute little thing, but it is staining a lot so I couldn't carry it with myself. Almost like a chalk :D
      You have to buy these separately, but I would suggest skipping on the spray when on budget or don't want to spend that much as that is something you can get without. After all clay has also mineral water in it so you won't loose anything!

      I know, I was so tempted by the smell when I had my mask on :)

      Have a nice day!