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I have no staples when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I usually use what I get my hands on and that's about it. I never tried Aus...

I have no staples when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I usually use what I get my hands on and that's about it. I never tried Aussie and thought I will give it a try. Confused in the shampoo isle I didn't know which one to pick as everything from Aussie sounded good enough to try or even love.

I decided to go with their Mega line and give it a go. When it was time to use it I got a bit hesitant. I was particularly worried about the shampoo and thought it might be a bit drying for my strands as it promises breathtaking cleanliness and to remove any build up from hair. Sounds a lot like a clarifying shampoo you wouldn't use very often, doesn't it?

I brushed these thoughts off my shoulder and trusted the statement that these products are good to use daily. After all it promised to cleanse carefully and leave hair bouncy and sleek without any build up.

I knew that many people love Aussie because their products smell good, but as I wouldn't imagine that shampoo and conditioner could smell that gorgeous. It was like visiting candy shop instead taking a shower and in a good way, they don't smell synthetic or plastic but rather very pleasant.


Shampoo comes out clear, lathers up pretty good yet feels very gentle on hair. Your hair does get very clean, voluminous and bouncy but ends don't get dry like with other clarifying shampoos. So I am not sure if I should call it clarifying as it certainly doesn't feel like it, but when it comes to cleaning your hair from any product build up and residue, it does its job as good as any other purifying shampoo does. Minus the overly dry hair afterwards. So on that side I can say that it is shampoo that knows its job!

Shampoo is available in here.


Conditioner comes out golden white and quite thick for a every day conditioner I have seen before and I like it. It makes really sure your hair gets back much needed moisture after cleansing it really good. A lot of really moisturising conditioners can be a struggle when rinsing them off. You could still feel something in your hair even though you literally spent good amount of time trying to get everything out of your hair. Not with this stuff! It comes out really quickly, with only few minutes and without a fight.
It leaves hair smooth, silky and tangle free afterwards.

Conditioner is available in here.

As you might understand, I love these two. They are simple, fuss free and easy to understand for me and my hair. As my first experience with Aussie was pretty good I will definitely make sure I am getting Aussie's other hair products next time and try them out to see if anything can beat the Mega line.

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