What is Oil Pulling?

Beauty and wellbeing comes inside out! Therefore I have little bit different post for you today. It is about oil pulling. I did hear about ...

Beauty and wellbeing comes inside out! Therefore I have little bit different post for you today. It is about oil pulling. I did hear about oil pulling few years ago, but basically didn't pay much attention to it or its benefits. I thought I couldn't be bothered with it and moved on. Few months ago I came across an article on oil pulling and this time it caught me immediately. I started doing my research on it and decided to give it a try. Now I just can't stop and love it so much.


It is an old therapy process that is cheap, simple and extremely harmless yet it is considered as one of the most powerful therapies you can do yourself. This method comes from India where in Ancient times people used this Ajurvedic treatment with using sesame oil to cure and prevent teeth and mouth problems.
The modern version of oil pulling was established by Ukrainian Physician when he tried swishing oil back and forward in his mouth and apparently cured his chronic blood disease. The method is called like that because oil is basically pulling any bacteria, toxins and funguses out of your mouth and with that it is improving overall health.


The process itself is very simple. First thing in the morning before having any food or drink you pour one tablespoon of any cold pressed oil you prefer (sesame and sunflower oil are claimed to be the best) into your mouth. Then you start swishing this oil in your mouth and through your teeth as you would do with mouthwash but you don't swallow it by any means. 

You have to do it around 10-20 minutes depending the time you can tolerate as first it may be unpleasant to put oil in your mouth. 
Soon after swishing you will notice that oil get really watery and white. When you have finished with it you will spit it out, because it is now toxic as it pulled out all the bacteria in your mouth. Then rinse your mouth with water (or salt water to get everything nasty out of your mouth) and brush your teeth.

This is the whole process. Easy, simple and available to anyone. You can do it while preparing your breakfast or getting ready etc. I didn't have any disgust at doing it, but I have heard that some people absolutely hate putting oil into their mouth, but later do get used to it. Word of advice, do it as you go and don't think about the process while doing it.

If thought of holding and swishing oil in your mouth puts you off or makes you sick I suggest finding the oil that suits you. Different oils have different textures, smells, tastes and benefits. Coconut oil for example smells and tastes good and is favourite of quite many oil pullers. My favourite is macadamia nut oil that is fairly tasteless and pleasant for me.


Main benefits are associated with mouth and teeth. It prevents and cures any gum diseases, infections, decay, tartar, toothache etc. Not to mention overall cleanliness of mouth, teeth, tongue and breath. I did personally did notice brighter simel within a week after doing oil pulling every morning. 
Besides that there are so many stories about oil pulling success and miraculous healing with it. 

Some of most common things oil pulling has helped with are headaches, bronchitis, lund and liver conditions, thrombosis, blood diseases, arthritis, paralysis, eczema, gastric ulcers, heart and kidney aliments, intestinal disorders, encephalitis, nervous conditions, female disorders, acne, different skin conditions, weight lost etc. 

As it is great for overall detoxing and body cleansing I have personally noticed smoother, brighter and clearer complexion, so much more energy, less congestion and better sleep. So far so good!

Main things to remember from oil pulling: do it in the morning, do not swallow or gargle with oil, do it with cold pressed oils.

Have you tried this method? If it caught your interest I suggest to read a bit more about it and decide whether you would like to try or not. But I can't see the reason why you wouldn't. There is so much websites, literature and forums on oil pulling, just search for it. You can start by checking out this website in here.

Happy pulling!

  1. That is amazing! I have actually all of a sudden developed like this eczema and cant get rid of it so i might give this a go!
    Thanks hun x

  2. This sounds fascinating but I'm not sure I could do it without my natural gag reflex kicking in. I'll try it one day I'm feeling brave!

    1. I thought I am going to gag and was super afraid when first doing it. But luckily I chose pleasant oil for myself. I couldn't do it with oilve oil I think.

  3. I've heard of OCM (oil cleansing method) for your face but never oil pulling... i can't wait to try it :)

  4. love you blog!!

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  5. I've never even heard of this before! I might have to give this a go.

    Tanesha x