Skincare Like Art by Marble and Milkweed

I have had the pleasure of trying out quite big sized samples of Marble and Milkweed wonderful skin care. Usually I give skin care some mo...

I have had the pleasure of trying out quite big sized samples of Marble and Milkweed wonderful skin care. Usually I give skin care some more time before hyping about it, but these little two treasures are just phenomenal and unique.

First of all something about the brand. If you visit their website you may stay there for a while, because everything looks so simple and heartwarming, from the products to the presentation and descriptions. It is simply the art by itself!

Their products are designed to simplify the way we care for ourselves. They are formulated almost exclusively using organic and fair-trade ingredients, and are made carefully by hand. They are gentle and contain no harsh chemicals or artificial scents.

Marble and Milkweed Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Nectar

This cleanser has a base of raw local honey with botanical essences of organic German Chamomile and organic Bulgarian Rose Otto. As you know honey has so many benefits for the skin, starting from antibacterial properties and finishing with anti-aging values. It really feels like putting nectar on your face, it doesn't lather, but cleans very well. 

It forms silky almost milky texture on your skin when massaging with wet hands. 
The sweet and floral, yet calming scent and smooth texture will provide the ultimate relaxing cleanse experience for your skin. You may think that honey in conjunction with essential oils won't get your face clean, but you are wrong. After rinsing everything off your face it feels so clean, smooth and hydrated like velvet. This cleanser is best to use after your makeup has been removed. It has so many nutrients and good ingredients you would want to get the most of it, and that can only happen on makeup free face.

Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Nectar is available in here.

Marble and Milkweed Rose and Chamomile Facial Scrub

Once again raw local honey, organic oats, organic rose petals and organic rosehip seed oils are only few good things in it. Rosehip seed oil is so high on vitamin A which promotes skin cell regeneration therefore it is so healing on skin. Sesame oil that contains vitamin E is extremely hydrating and has been a favourite ingredient in Ajurvedic skin care for thousand years.
This scrub is quite thick and comes in form of a paste. It smells sweetly floral and comforting and you almost want to eat it after. The colour of rose petals give it so luxurious look and feel. 

You get a smallest amount of it and warm it between your hands with little amount of warm water. It forms liquid paste that is easy to work with. Then you apply it on face and start to exfoliate. Particles in it are very gentle yet do their job very well. I leave it usually on my face for few minutes, just to allow everything in it to penetrate my skin better and then rinse it off. It leave skin glowing and clean without any redness or irritation like a lot of scrubs would do. This scrub can get addictive!

Rose & Chamomile Facial Scrub is available in here.

So, these are reasons and my rant why I love these products. I will keep using them as long as these samples last (like with most of the organic products little bit goes, really long way) and hope my skin will benefit even more than it has done in the past week. 

Take care!

  1. love your blog and your design, great work!

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  2. I really enjoyed this post!

    You have a cute blog, I really like the layout and I look forward to reading more of your posts :)

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  3. Going to bed with cream on your face will benefit your skin while you sleep and with this cream it just fantastic......

  4. these look like lovely products, I love natural & organic skincare

  5. Oh these sound so divine! I love everything about Marble & Milkweed packaging. I haven't tried their products though but after reading your review, I think I am going to reallll soon!

    Looove your blog, can't believe I haven't stumbled upon it yet. thank you for visiting mine!! :)