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Nourish Skincare came out with this product last year before Christmas. They marketed it as the key for achieving sparkly skin for Christm...

Nourish Skincare came out with this product last year before Christmas. They marketed it as the key for achieving sparkly skin for Christmas parties, celebrations etc and kindly sent it to me so I could tell my opinion on it. I tried it back then, liked it but still didn't use it. Why?

I decided that it would be fabulous product for summer time. So securely sealed, hidden in the box it waited patiently summer time and me reaching for it. I just couldn't imagine wearing and using product like this on my skin when I have to put on ten layers of clothes when going out. There was no point at all, but this is only my personal opinion on this.

This is moisturising body soufflĂ© with a beautiful twist! It has light reflecting particles in it which are very fine and tasteful, so no chunky cheap sparkle on your skin with this. It evens skin tone like magic, gives absolutely perfect polished look to skin and leaves the impression of healthy sun-kissed glow on your skin. 
Besides all that goodness it has frankincense and myrrh in it combined with nutritious phyto-active marine extract, hyaluronic acid and tripeptides both stimulating collagen in skin. So, this beautiful product does not only give dewy summer skin on outside, but at the same time soothes, moisturises and refines from the skin inside.

This cream comes in glass jar which makes it quite luxurious and something that looks good on your makeup counter. The cream itself is quite thin and light without any big glitter or sheen in it. It looks very fine almost like fairy dust in it. So you don't feel the particles in texture when applying the product.

When it comes to smell it smells natural all the way. It is hard to describe because I could feel a little bit of everything in it. Definitely something from myrrh and something from frankincense, but altogether it reminded me refreshing and comforting green tea.

I apply it as my usual body moisturiser all over my body especially before wearing dresses, or showing my skin little bit more. It looks so good on arms, legs and extra good on if you have a little bit tan on (fake tan in my case as I don't tan).

When rubbing it in, it feels light, sinks into skin without any problems and doesn't leave skin greasy at all. Some people can panic at first, because golden sheen on your skin may be too obvious and too much for your taste, but trust me if you leave it as it is, the cream will sink in even more and gets very natural yet beautiful. Nobody can tell you rubbed yourself with golden goodness, only you know it!

One think I would suggest is washing your hands after getting done with it as the gold gets on your nails and palms so that can look little bit odd. It comes off easily with soap an water, so no worries there. Also do not touch black things (black lid of this jar for example) before washing your hands as it will leave gold fingerprints all over. Again, very easy to wipe off, but just little heads up for you.

Other than that I couldn't be more satisfied with this product. I truly love it and adore the fact it is very natural as you usually can't get specific products like this in very natural formulas. This big glass jar will last very long time and my summer just got shinier and more golden than ever. Absolute purchase from me when I run out of it!

  1. Thanks for this, I love Nourish products so definitely going to give this a try when I get my hands on it :)

  2. Yes, they are pretty amazing!

  3. Ahh, love the sound of 'souffle'. Nourish products wasn't on my radar before, but thank you for introducing it! I checked out the website, quite nice range and ingredients.

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