Brightening Facial Mask

I love cranberries not only as my food, but as my facial. Cranberries are extremely beneficial to our bodies and I figured it can be wonder...

I love cranberries not only as my food, but as my facial. Cranberries are extremely beneficial to our bodies and I figured it can be wonderful on my skin. I have done this face mask a couple of times now and it always amazes me how my skin feels afterwards. There are pretty much tons of recipes out there how you can do it, but I use only two ingredients to make it more simple. Honey and cranberries! If you are allergic to one of these, you should skip this mask.

Cranberries are very high on antioxidants so it help to fight skin environmental damage. It also has vitamins C and K in it that are good for pigmentation, anti-aging and dark circles. Tannin and enzymes make it good exfoliating and antibacterial proprieties. 

Honey can be good for moisturising, locking moisture in skin, cleanse and killing any bacteria. Honey is a natural remedy for preventing aging, wrinkles and also has a lot of antioxidants in it.

How I do it? I take about two table spoons full of fresh cranberries and put them into bowl where I can smash them with spoon or fork. You could use food processor or mixer, but I couldn't bother myself with it. It is actually easier to use spoon as the quantity is so small.

There you go, now it is is all smashed and looks like jam or paste. Now you'll add about one teaspoon full of honey. I use organic flower honey I bought from my local beekeeper. It is better than honey from grocery store, but if you don't have any organic honey that would do as well. 

And now you mix everything together. Honey is sweet and therefore it sucks all the juices from cranberries out extremely well. The juice part is what you actually need, so it is good when it comes out  more liquidy than it was before.

I got something like this. Now I put this liquid part all over my clean face and tried to avoid the skins of the cranberries. Everything else with the seeds in it went on my face. As honey is stickier it keep the mask from dripping or running. After wards I patted tiniest amount of this liquid gently around my eyes as vitamin K brightens the eye area.

With mask on you will wait about 15-20 minutes and look like you just murdered someone. If you want to be extra good for yourself, you will eat some cranberries during the wait (extremely good for you) and then you will wash you face with luke warm water and enjoy your lovely face afterwards.

I made way too much of this substance and ate the leftovers while I was waiting this mask doing its job. Sweet honey made it taste oh so wonderful!
As it is not cranberry season right now I used my fresh defrosted cranberries I put into freezer at the end of the last year. Frozen cranberries can also be found at the store. It is important that you won't use canned cranberries as these don't have any vitamins left in them!