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New Liz Earle Makeup

We all remember when Liz Earle's first makeup related item, Sheer Skin Tint, came out last September. It blew my mind then and has served me and my skin so well since then. There were also rumors that Liz Earle will keep surprising us with new makeup items very soon.

Now it official that there will be whole new Colour Capsule makeup line which took colorists and makeup professionals three years to create. It includes blushers, mascara, bronzer, concealer, eye pencils, brushes and a selection of lip-glosses.

"Our two hero products from the collection includes the Light Reflecting Concealer (£15.50), available in 4 shades. This radiance boosting concealer is lightweight, blendable, and perfect for brightening eyes and for giving skin a quick pick-me-up.

 And you’ll forever be the blushing bride with the collection of Healthy Glow Cream Blushes (£16.50). Available in seven shades, the velvety texture simply glides onto skin to give you a subtle flush to the cheeks," says Liz Earle team.

All these products are not tested in animals, suitable for every skin type and age.

Now we just have to wait until next month, because then these lovelies will hit the shelves and will be available to order from www.uk.lizearle.com

I surely can't wait!