Sunday, March 18, 2012

Apricot Mystery

Today I had finally time to do my nails. Since I recently got a new nail polish from Avon it wasn't a question which shade I will choose when it was time to apply some colour on my nails. It is very pretty, feminine and just right shade of coral. In some light it looks rather dusty rose with hint of coral. It is fairly new shade that is called Apricot Mystery.

It think it will be my favorite shade in this spring.
As long as polish itself goes it is great. Every single Avon Nailwear Pro I have goes on smooth, due to wide brush, without streaks and requires mostly two coats. No surprises regarding quality, it is good but yet affordable!

PS! Mental note to myself and maybe for you. Try coral shades when doing eye makeup just to spice things up. It is spring after all! Looks nicely put together with muted lip and fresh clean canvas (skin). Eye shadow should play the most important role in this makeup.


  1. a beautiful shade! I bought similar one from models own but it seems like I prefer yours now!

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