Too Much Jewellery?

Many people understand that too much jewellery is a major fashion mistake; in fact, it may be in the top of the list of fashion errors. It ...

Many people understand that too much jewellery is a major fashion mistake; in fact, it may be in the top of the list of fashion errors. It seems at times that some people simply don't know when to stop. Jewellery is a great thing because it can make an outfit stand out, or highlight your natural features. But when is too much? This post aims to answer that question once and for all.

Wearing too much jewellery is an overwhelming experience to those that see you. It creates too much distraction from you, your clothing and yes, even the jewellery itself. Strive to make yourself the center of everyone's attention, not your amount of jewellery.

Remember: jewellery is an accessory, and a little goes a long way. Think of what Coco Chanel had famously to say about the matter: "Before you leave the house, take one thing off." Take this advice if you're in the habit of wearing a dozen “things.”

Here's another important piece of advice. Sometimes jewellery isn't necessary. Many times women will wear a necklace or bracelet when there is no need and then even that simple amount of jewellery can be overkill. Plan your style carefully and consider if the jewellery will accent your outfit or detract.

The most important time to skip a necklace is when many women feel is the best time to wear one: when you're wearing a low-cut dress or halter top. These outfits already reveal a great deal of your collarbone, neck and chest. Don't draw too much attention and cheapen your look by wearing a necklace; the clothing is enough and can stand by itself. Usually an attention-grabbing pair of earrings will do in these circumstances.

Another situation to watch out for is this: wearing large earrings with a necklace. Balance is very important to create the right look and this is one of the reasons too much jewellery is a no-no. You wouldn't ever pair dark lipstick with dark eye makeup; don't make the same mistake with jewellery. Let your clothing and self be the center of attention.

In summary, balance should always be kept in mind to avoid wearing too much accessories. Think about this when you're getting ready to go out. Also, make sure it's you that shines through, not your choice of over-the-top necklace. Above all else, jewellery should be thought of as an accent. Use it sparingly and you'll wind up looking your best.

  1. This is totally true and I frequently see people who are wearing so much jewellery that it all becomes very confusing and you can't appreciate any one piece 'cause they're all piled together. x

  2. Lately I've seen people wearing so much jewellery that it's confusing to look at them. Everything on them looks muddled and you don't know which piece to concentrate on. It hurts my eyes lol x

  3. I make this mistake all the time. I'm so crazy about jewelry. Thank God a friend set me straight. I saw it in some photos too - I was walking around looking like I couldn't decide what to wear and so I just put on everything.

  4. great post thanks for sharing

  5. You can never have too much jewelry. I just couldn't leave them.