Monday, July 27, 2009


I think you all know Anatomicals for now as so many beauty addicts have featured its products in their blogs and vlogs. How doesn`t know anything about it, last time to get know. It is so brilliant brand, that offers so original products. You can just smile because of their product descriptions on the packages, use the product, smile again and use again.

So first I used No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel.

It should scare away my bags under my eyes, but I don`t have those awful things luckily. I had once, when I was ill, but that was long time ago. I used it anyway. Not daily, but in the mornings. Especially when I had long night and or no sleep at all. It soothes the eye area, wipes away pillow on your face and tightens a little bit so well, you can even feel it. Yes I admit, this feeling doesn`t last long, but it isn`t so important. I just like the cold effect under my tired eyes. I also heard from other girls, that it is good relief after you have cried and your eye area betrays that you cried. It doesn`t moisturise, so if your under eyes insist nourishing, choose something else.

Then I used Folicle Oracle Shampoo.

It is like random shampoo. Cleanses very well and smells just so good. It reminds me leaves of the birch, so fresh and pure scent. But usual well cleansing shampoo isn`t creamy by its consistency and leaves your hair without nourishing very dry. This one is very simple, not to heavy on my hair and does its job very properly. No worries dry-heads, it works!

Last product is The Sleek Shall Inherit The Earth Conditioner.

Creamy and moisturising. Reminds me milk, but it is thicker by its consistency. Leaves hair very shiny, easy to comb and sleek. Perfect for ladies, who crave after straight hair, because I noticed it is easier to straighten or just keep your hair straight after using this hair conditioner.

I should mention, that all these products are with very reasonable price. Check out here.

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  1. I like Anatomicals. The names are so cute and all the products I've tried smell lovely!

    I did a review, check it out on my blog :) xx